segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Fact and fiction

[One fact and several fictitious elements]

Yesterday we were in a performance of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". And it felt kind of weird, cause when the show finished and we walked through the city, we saw a late night wedding, and how the bride threw the bouquet, and then the thunderstorm. It was as if "The Rocky Horror" had not yet really finished, as if reality and fiction were pretty close. Too close for our minds to tell which was which.

[Several facts and one fictitious element]

 "I'm looking forward for you to visit me, but don't forget that, as time goes by, I'll be carrying things from there to my new house: mattresses, doors, even the baseboards". My friend flew next day back to Germany, and as I listened to him talking about that old house that he had already sold and was about to abandon, I pictured myself it (that lovely house) as a living creature. Would he also be able to carry along with him all the memories that lingered there like and old phantom?

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